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Re ikemiselitse ho aha bana ho tloha likonyaneng ho fihlela sehlopheng sa leshome. Re etsa sena hore bana ba hlolisane le likolo tse ipabolang ka hare ho naha. Re ts’epa hore ka ho etsa sena, ka moso bana ba tla hlahisa le ho ba baetapele sechabeng le ho tobana le liphephetso tsa bophelo bo fetohang. Sekolo sena le boto e kopanang mahareng a selemo ho hlahloba litaba tsohle tse etshalang tse amanang le sekolo. Boto ea sekolo e kopana makhetlo amane selemong sena sepheo e le ho hlahloba ts’ebetso le ntlafatso ea sekolo

Make Your Courses Standout

As a school we know how important it is to the parents to see their children improving and showing a successful progress in becoming a strong and well confident child, this is also important to us since we are working to build strong and well spoken learders in future. If a learner struggles with anything, our teachers are always active to help all the time. We get to have learners who excel in different subjects and activities we get to show them up on Gala day, this is to motivate other learners to work hard since they will be in the same classes with those who get to shown for excelling. Now, in everything they do, they get to give out the best out of it and that makes us proud as the school.

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Our Sports

For ages, sports have been viewed as a way to stay healthy and fit, but it goes beyond that. Today, sports are essential for students' overall growth and development. Playing various sports helps them teach life skills such as teamwork, leadership, accountability, patience, and self-confidence and prepares them to face life challenges. Students get a chance to work on their physical and mental abilities to achieve goals in their life. We can realise the importance of sports in our daily life through a variety of national and international sports events organised all over the world where different players represent their countries and showcase their sporting capabilities.


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C.E.M.S Sports

Boarding Information

Since the school have boarding for learners, we get to make sure that all students get to be the same with day scholers. Taking care of every child is our priority. Children get to have fun, study, eat and sleep peacefully. For More information on boarding DOWNLOAD the PROSPECTUS on Registration page or please contact the school.

Diamane (Thabang & Thabisi)


We are always confident in writing exams since our teachers makes it easy for us to understand and enjoy learning.

Bongiwe Serame


Best teachers I'll never forget.

Katloho Mafisa(Mother)

Student Parent

Ka leboha, ke motswadi sekolong sena wa ngwana grade 6 I really love the school.

Lilahloane Letuma


Bo mme lebo ntate ba rutileng bana ba rona ntho tsentle hoo joo maits,oaro a bana ba lona a bonts,a hore bana batsoa ho matichere anang le bophelo.